Infrastructure construction

The Hainan and South China Sea region are cultured deeply, it engages in the investment and cash business on the road, bridge, rail, port, municipal and urban comprehensive development and others, integrated coordinates various projects within the region such as Sanya Sewage Pipe Network project, Ledong County Yinggehai project, Sanya new airport and others, plays the advantage of whole industrial chain in CHINA COMMUNICATIONS CONSTRUCTION.

Projects under construction: Haitang Bay water-system BT project, Sanya Streetcar model line PPP project, Sanya underground integrated pipe corridor PPP project, etc.

Expansion project: it mainly focuses on Haikou Municipal Road Infrastructure project, Shugang trunk highway project (G15 Shenhai high-speed Haikou connection line), Nandu River basin comprehensive governance project, Lingshui Xincun Lien Lagoon ecological environment comprehensive governance project, Sanya river estuary tunnel project, Ledong Li Autonomous wetland ecological restoration and municipal road project at a total number of more than 10, and the expected total investment surpasses 20 billion yuan.