Featured real estate

The company closely relies on the advantage of whole industry chain in CHINA COMMUNICATIONS CONSTRUCTION. Led by the themes of cruise, tourism, health care, education and medical care and based on Hainan and South China Sea region, it goes out timely, concentrates on the superior resource, establishes the unified brand, forms the core competitiveness, and creates the domestic famous and industrial-leading real estate investor, developer and operator with the feature of CHINA COMMUNICATIONS CONSTRUCTION.

Projects under construction: Sanya Phoenix Island project, CCCC•Haitang Luhu project, CCCC GREENTOWN • Gaofu Town project, and the total investment is about 40 billion yuan.

Expansion project: Qiongzhong East Wuzhi Mountain Tropical Rainforest International Eco-tourism Resort project, Ledong and Lingshui Featured Real Estate project, etc.

The company actively builds the health care platform, and it will carry out the development of featured real estate in Qiongzhong, Ledong, Lingshui and others.