Cruise Economy Industry

The company acquired Phoenix Island Project by cash investment in March 2014. Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Development Co., Ltd is reorganized and established. It works on business management (cruise, real estate, hotel, property etc) of Phoenix Island Project. After settling Phoenix Island, the company started to develop cruise industry. Based on the principles of “total planning, implementing by step, progressive development, it develops cruise industry chain in Hainan and is engaged in cruise port establishment and operation, cruise operation and fleet building, ship route development. It aims at developing China Communication Cruise industry.

Driven by the company, Sanya Cruise Economy Area was listed in provincial industrial parks in 2015. It has been an important part of Hainan province declaration state-level free trade area.

In the future, the company carries out cooperation in cruise operation, Sanya cruise economical area cooperative development, tourism destination building, cruise product selling etc. It aims at cultivating new economic growth points and makes efforts to create China cruise fleet and China cruise brand.